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Royal Equine Horse Treats

Candy Cane Crunch

Candy Cane Crunch

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Reward your horse with wholesome, healthy treats!

Crunchy cube-shaped baked treats help with oral hygiene and improve digestion.

Made on Vancouver Island with Canadian-sourced, all-natural, ingredients.

Ingredients: Rye grain, barley grain, oat grain, sugarcane sugar, peppermint. 

GMO free. No preservatives.  All-natural colour & flavours. No processed ingredients. No corn. No wheat. No Soy.  Certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Choose green - All Royal Equine treats are packaged in 100% recyclable, Canadian-made packaging. Made with 100% HDPE – Recycling #2 Plastic – our zipper-sealed pouches can be recycled in your municipal blue bin or an in-store soft plastic recycling program, depending where you live. The recycled pouches are chipped into pellets to create post-consumer plastic materials and the cycle continues. Here's to building a circular economy and no more landfills.

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