The Dog Bowl is sponsors Surfers for Strays Spay & Neuter clinics.

Your part is super easy... Buy a bag of our drool worthy Chicken Hearts and we will donate 100% of the proceeds.

Or you can simply make a donation here.

Did you know: Dogs can breed twice a year with litters of 6-10 puppies. In just seven years, one un-spayed/ un-neutered dog can produce 97,000 puppies. 

By sponsoring a SFS Spay & Neuter clinic we can help stop the cycle of suffering and sterilize between 150 and 200 dogs and cats.

Surfers for Strays is a volunteer led, non-profit organization that reduces the number of stray animals in Guerrero State, Mexico through spay and neuter programs and inspires compassion and awareness for the humane treatment of neglected animals through education, rehabilitation
and adoption programs.

Learn more here: https://www.surfersforstrays.org/home