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Lamb with Chickpeas

Lamb with Chickpeas

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The lamb recipe contains up to 60% lamb which is a rich source of minerals, particularly iron which is vital for efficient oxygen delivery in the blood and zinc which is essential for skin and coat health.  With added chickpeas which can contain up to 3 times higher concentration of protein than cereal grains, providing more energy for your dog.  Alongside blueberries which help protect against oxidative damage, mixed peppers which may help reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis and cider vinegar which may help support against hypertension and reduce cholesterol levels. 

We’ve designed our Naturo Chef’s Selection range to bring all the benefits of our carefully selected superfood ingredients to give your dog an even healthier diet. We select quality, natural ingredients supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals and oils.  Grain free, no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – we’re confident your dog will love the taste!

  • Grain Free
  • No colours, preservatives or flavours
  • Supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals and oils
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