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Granville Island Pet Treatery

Happy Mood Food - Dehydrated Beef Liver

Happy Mood Food - Dehydrated Beef Liver

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Slowly Dehydrated: Our beef liver treats are slowly dehydrated to retain maximum nutrients, making them a healthy and tasty snack for your furry friend.

Single Ingredient: Made with only 100% raw beef liver, our treats provide a high-quality source of protein for your pet.

Made in Canada: Our beef liver treats are made with care in Canada, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly product for your pet to enjoy.

Nutrient-rich: Our dehydration process helps maintain maximum nutrients, vitamins, and healthy oils, making our beef liver treats a healthy addition to any diet.

Irresistible Flavor: With a natural, meaty flavour that dogs and cats love, our beef liver treats are the perfect training or reward snack for your furry friend.

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