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Soft Paws Hydrating Paw Lotion

Soft Paws Hydrating Paw Lotion

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The first of its kind brush-on paw lotion. A lightweight formula carefully crafted to deliver deeply nourishing, non-greasy hydration to your dog's paws. Packaged in a one-of-a-kind brush to ensure a mess-free application every time.

Vet-dermatologist approved, pH-balanced, fragrance-free and lick-safe. Use daily to keep paws soft & hydrated. 

Plant-based ingredients, such as aloe juice, glycerin, shea butter, broccoli seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil provide soothing, softening and hydrating benefits to dry, and cracked paws. Free from potentially irritating ingredients such as: harsh sulfates, artificial fragrances & dyes, drying SD alcohol, and essential oils. 

Fragrance-Free | pH-Balanced | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | 0.6 fl oz | 20 mL

How to use

1. Pull cap to remove.
2. Click button to pump lotion onto brush.
2. Apply lotion to paws.
3. To clean, wash the brush head regularly & let fully air dry before placing the cap back on.
4. Use daily. Refill after empty.


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