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Kangaroo Steak Strips

Kangaroo Steak Strips

Open Range
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Kangaroo Steak Strip dog chews are 100% kangaroo meat. This 100g package contains approximately 8 or more flat pieces about 6″ long. Open Range Kangaroo meat is sustainably sourced from wild species native to Australia that are a source of high-quality, lean protein (less than 2% fat). Excellent for dogs that are on a restricted diet as kangaroo is a unique protein. 


  • Healthy small chew
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat
  • Good for dental health
  • Single ingredient

Good source of protein that supports muscle development and overall health. 100% digestible to ensure absorption of the proteins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Helps to remove tartar and plaque while your dog chews promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Open Range pet treats are naturally prepared with no artificial colours, preservatives, taste enhancers or flavours. Their treats are sourced from animals that are raised without the use of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. They are dedicated to the health and well-being of all dogs and to providing the highest quality, all natural, best tasting products.