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Nature's Hug

Nature's Hug Adult Cat Maintenance Indoor/Hairball 4lb

Nature's Hug Adult Cat Maintenance Indoor/Hairball 4lb

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Adult, beautiful and full of life!

Nature's HUG™ Indoor Hairball recipe will help maintain a healthy weight for your adult cat.

It provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats. Rich in fiber, our formula improves the immune system and overall health.

It will also prevent hairballs and enhance intestinal transit.

Balanced and optimal diet for adult cats, 1 to 10 years of age… offering several nutritional benefits for a long, healthy and happy life!

Your Sustainable and Ideal Alternative Protein!

A high-quality single-celled mycoprotein with a profile of essential amino acids that makes it the ideal pet food ingredient. Our proteinNH + has an amino acid profile that’s similar to chicken, but has the advantage of generating much lower GHG’s emissions in its production and lifecycle.

So, a smart alternative to traditional animal proteins, and a great choice, both for the benefits of our pets, and the ecosystem!

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