•  Specifically formulated to support canine eyes

•  Includes Grapeseed Extract, Lutein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

•  Formulated by board certified veterinary ophthalmologists

Ocu-GLO™ is a nutraceutical comprised of 12 natural antioxidants, including grapeseed extract, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids (GLO). Combined with other key ingredients, such as lycopene, EGCG, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) this is the first time these antioxidants have been combined into a natural, single-dose nutraceutical of the highest quality.



Ocu-GLO™ is available in two convenient GelCap sizes—one for small dogs weighing 10 lbs or less, and one for medium and large dogs weighing 11 lbs or more. Alternatively, Ocu-GLOTM can be purchased in a powder blend and snip cap formula for smaller dogs and cats.

Ocu Glo for Medium to Large Dogs 90 Gel Caps
Ocu Glo for Small Dogs 90 Gel Caps
Ocu Glo Powder Blend for Small Dogs & Cats 30 Capsules

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